Andrée Langevin

Andrée Langevin

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker

My journey into real estate began in my mid-twenties and thirties, marked by hands-on experiences in building, renovating, and reselling houses—a period that ignited the interest I have for this industry which eventually led to obtaining my brokerage license. Having recently moved from a city agency to Les Immeubes Coldbrook, I now navigate two distinct yet equally fulfilling markets and lifestyles.

Working as a broker on the South Shore/Montreal area, I concurrently embrace this exciting new chapter in the vibrant and enchanting Eastern Townships. This dual commitment reflects both my professional versatility and genuine appreciation for the diversity these real estate markets can offer.

Beyond the intricacies of property transactions, I am, alongside my husband, a devoted parent to three incredible kids, ages 21, 14, and 11. Regular travels continue to expand mine and my family’s horizons while contributing to carrying a rich cultural tapestry, adding depth and perspective to my professional endeavours.

In essence, my 18-year real estate journey is not just a chronicle of transactions and good investments for my clients but a testament to an enduring interest in homes and in people. With an always renewed and relevant market perspective, a client-centric approach to building lasting business relationships, I dedicate myself to each and every one of my clients’ real estate projects and goals.

It all starts with a conversation.