Calculation of the transfer tax

Calculation of the transfer tax:

The municipality in which you moved will send you a tax bill of mutation in the months following the signing of the deed of sale. This is calculated based on the selling price and the following schedule:

  • 0.50% of the first $ 50,000
  • 1.00% of $ 50,000 to $ 250,000
  • 1.50% more than $ 250,000

This calculator has been made ​​available to you so you can calculate the amount of transfer tax in Québec. To calculate the amount of your welcome tax (transfer tax), please complete the “sale price” below.

The amount of your transfer tax is

$ 0

For more information on tax changes, ask about the law about Gift duties on transfers of immovables.

Please note that the information provided by this calculator transfer tax is not intended to be used for legal, accounting or tax advice, and should not be used for these purposes.