There are several reasons why we are experiencing a renewed interest in the area.

There are several reasons why we are experiencing a renewed interest in the area. I will summarize them in point Why is TBL so hot? So are the West Bolton, Sutton, Potton areas but to a slightly lesser degree. There form as each reason can generate discussion.
1. Millennials – these purchasers make up approximately 70% of our clients. They are intelligent and very well informed. They have careers that provide them with the means to acquire property along with in most cases inherited wealth. Quality of life is the main reason why they are choosing to live among us.

2. Proximity – Our area is blessed with proximity to the autoroute, lakes, ski hills and services such as hospitals, grocery stores, banks etc.
3. Population growth – When I was involved with negotiating the sale of the lot where Tim Horton’s is located, I was privy to 3 separate market studies that predicted a 10-15% increase in population growth for our area within the next five years. This will happen. If I were starting a new business in the area it would not be retail. The future is in service industries.

4. Montreal road construction – I wish that I had a dollar for every time I have heard buyers mention this as one of the reasons why they are looking forward to living here. If anyone has been in the city lately you can appreciate what they are saying. These poor folks can spend an hour driving from Outremont to Westmount so why not spend the hour driving home here instead.

5. Cost of living – self-explanatory. Lower property taxes, ease of access to services. No parking fees.

Many of us who have spent our lives living here have lost sight of just how lucky we are. We tend to no longer see what it is that is so great about our home. We no longer look at our lakes and mountains with appreciation. They are just there like they have always been. Our newest citizens see what we have with clearer eyes and better attitudes. It is human nature I guess to take what we have for granted.