Many of us love looking at homes whether we are in the housing market or not. One need only look at the popularity of internet sites such as houzz or our very own Centris and for confirmation. While browsing these sites we can often find ideas to make our own spaces more beautiful and functional.

What makes a house a home? What makes an entrance work? What makes one room feel comfortable and another not? Many of these questions can be answered by studying people and how they like to use indoor and outdoor spaces.

Over the next while, I will be sharing some insights from a book called A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander and Associates. This book, originally published in 1977, outlines a new attitude to architecture and planning. Many of these insights are timeless and worth sharing.

Main Entrance

Placing the main entrance is perhaps the single most important step in developing a building plan. The main entrance controls movement to and from the building and all other decisions about layout.

Locate the entrance so that once the house comes into view the entrance also comes into view. (Looking around for a proper entrance can be disconcerting). Place the main entrance of the building at the point where it can be seen immediately from the main approach and give it a bold, visible shape.


IMG_6206Aix En ProvenceSt Maximin-Provence