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Why I named my company “Coldbrook”

The reason why I decided to name my real estate company “Coldbrook”. It was simply out of respect for our village’s history.

In 1834, Paul Holland Knowlton settled in the area permanently. Knowlton knew the region well because he and his wife, Laura Moss, had had a home on the shores of Brome Lake for over 20 years. The Biographical Dictionary of Canada describes him as a first-rate businessman. The article referring to his arrival states: « he acquired water rights first, and then built a sawmill to produce building material. He then built a large home with outbuildings, a blacksmith shop, a potash factory and a flour mill. This became the hub of the village of Knowlton which, prior to the establishment of the Post Office, was called Coldbrook. » Until 1851, the village and the river running through it were known by the same name. The Village of Coldbrook became known as the Village of Knowlton in order to honour its most illustrious resident.

So now you know the story behind Coldbrook. 🙂